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Board Composition, Corporate Performance, and the Cadbury Committee Recommendation

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TIMELINE-Kraft agrees Cadbury deal after 4-month fight

weaknesses - health and safety (e.g. salmonella ), only does chocolate. The Cadbury Report, titled Financial Aspects of Corporate Governance, is a report issued by "The Committee on the Financial Aspects of Corporate Governance" chaired by Adrian Cadbury that sets out recommendations on the arrangement of company boards and accounting systems to mitigate corporate governance risks and failures.

Cadbury Report — The Cadbury Report, titled Financial Aspects of Corporate Governance, is a report of a committee chaired by Adrian Cadbury that sets out recommendations on the arrangement of company boards and accounting systems to mitigate corporate governance. In Decemberthe Cadbury Committee published their Code of Best Practice.

The recommendations, which largely reflected perceived best practice. Cadbury was founded by John Cadbury, who opened his first business in John Cadbury's shop was a grocery store that sold, among other things, a chocolate that customers could add to drinks.

He made the mix himself using a mortar and pestle. The Cadbury Report and resulting Code of Best Practice may have succeeded in their aims of providing a model for effective corporate governance and restoring some measure of investor confidence in the running of the UK's public companies, but that was not an end to the matter, rather a beginning.

Cadbury recommendation
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