Ethanol sensitivity in drosophila melanogaster based

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Aylin Rodan

Ethanol sensitivity in Drosophila melanogaster based on genotype Alexa Shumate Department of Biology Randolph-Macon College Ashland, Virginia Introduction. Upon exposure to ethanol, Drosophila display behaviors that are similar to ethanol intoxication in rodents and humans.

Using an inebriometer to measure ethanol-induced loss of postural control, we identified cheapdate, a mutant with enhanced sensitivity to usagiftsshops.comc and molecular analyses revealed that cheapdate is an allele of the memory mutant amnesiac.

Polydnaviruses are a unique group of insect viruses that have a mutualistic relationship with some parasitic wasps. The polydnavirus replicates in the oviducts of an adult female parasitoid wasp.

The wasp benefits from this relationship because the virus provides protection for the parasitic larvae inside the host, (i) by weakening the host's immune.

The Genetics of Ethanol Sensitivity and Tolerance in Drosophila Genetic screens in Drosophila have identified a multitude of genes important in modulating behavioral responses to ethanol.

many other proteins (Rodan and Rothenfluh, ; Scholz and Mustard, ) in sensitivity and tolerance to ethanol.

A common feature of the majority of the genetic studies on ethanol behavior in Drosophila is the use of transformation vectors that contain a version .

Ethanol sensitivity in drosophila melanogaster based
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