Instructions for taking a soil sample

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Soil Testing

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Soil Preparation

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We pull an insane amount of flowers out of our little plot of land. With so much volume going out the door, we work diligently to not only replace the biomass, but also to build and improve the soil.

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What is an alkaline soil? Alkalinity and acidity are opposites on the pH scale.

Instructions for Taking a Soil Test

An alkaline soil has a pH measurement that is above 7 or neutral, while acid soil is below 7. pH influences the ability of plants to access the mineral nutrients that are contained in the soil.

Soil Sampling Instructions for lawn, shrubs, flowers, trees, or home vegetable or fruit garden Taking a soil sample is a critical step in the process of soil analysis.

The reliability of a soil test is only as good as the sample you submit. The small amount of you may wish to determine if soil fertility is the cause by taking one sample to represent the “good” and the other to represent the “poor” area.

Take a good sample.

Agronomic Services — Sample Information Forms Instructions for taking a soil sample
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