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LAW & REALTY: Problems faced by owners of strata title properties

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Getting Legal Advice on Stratas

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Common questions and answers on all sections of information about strata schemes. The owners corporation is made up of all the owners in the strata scheme.

By-laws are made or changed to meet the needs of all owners and to assist with the running of the strata scheme.

If a noise problem results. Understanding Strata FAQs Do they provide the level of care you expected? If the answers are yes and if your strata manager is also SCA accredited, then you have likely found the right person for your scheme.

instal hard flooring in a multi-storey strata dwelling without first (a) reviewing the strata development's by-laws to see if.

This article is the 2nd part (read Part 1) of our 2-part series of the role of Strata Council vs. the role of the Property Manager, where we answer: Who Railtown Law Family Law, Strata Law, Elder Law, Wills & Estates, Employment Law, Wrongful Dismissal in Vancouver, BC.

Mar 08,  · Strata West, Law, Ethics, and Open Data: Smart People Solving Some Very Hard Problems. March 8, at pm Terence Craig 1 comment. By Terence Craig. Last week the Bay Area was treated to another great Strata West hosted by the O’Reilly team. 7 common strata problems & how to solve them.

Emma Sorensen. 04 Mar But there are some common problems that plague strata schemes and lead to owners, residents and neighbours falling out.

It’s not just against strata laws to make noise late at night, it’s also against the law. Full stop. So, in the most extreme cases there’s. Resolving Disputes within the Strata While disputes may arise, many disputes can be resolved informally within the strata corporation.

It is often simpler and less expensive to solve disputes informally.

Problem answer for strata law
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