Richard frethorne

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Richard Frethorne

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History of Jamestown, Virginia (1607–99)

Search, View Documents sorted by subject or Choose one of the following. - | - | - | - | To print this group, add it to a test. Richard Frethorne's Letter to His Parents () Loveing and kind father and mother my most humble duty remembered to you hopeing in God of your good health, as I my selfe am at the makeing hereof, this is to let you understand that I your Child am in a most.

Richard Frethorne (fl. ) Contributing Editor: Liahna Babener Classroom Issues and Strategies. Virtually no historical data about Frethorne is available, so placing him in the context of the Jamestown colony is a bit difficult, since he settled near--rather than in-. The letter Richard Frethorne writes home intends, primarily, for his parents to be his audience.

Richard begs his parents to help him. Frethorne¹s primary audience is people who are close to him in spirit and blood though not in miles his reader knows that Frethorne is writing to his parents because he opens the letter with this. Richard Frethorne, an indentured servant, wrote a letter to his parents dated March April 3, in which he describes his experience as an indentured servant.

Richard Frethorne was a young Englishman who like many other poor 17th century Englishmen were struggling to make ends meet back in England.

Richard Frethorne on Indentured Servitude (March April 3, ) In England and in other countries of Northern Europe, the desperation of the poor was turned into profit by merchants and ship captains who arranged to transport men and women to the Americas to work as servants.

Richard frethorne
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Letter from Richard Frethorne to His Parents (March 20, April 2–3, )