Too much calculus

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Can There Be “Too Much Math Practice” for Students?

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I don’t want to alarm students who think taking calculus in high school is the key to a brilliant future. But leaders in math education are warning that, in many schools, that course is a mess. > Too Much Calculus Not for me! Heck, I never took freshman calculus or pre-calculus and, instead read a book and started on sophomore calculus then continued with, right, ordinary differential equations, advanced calculus for applications, and advanced calculus, topology, modern analysis, measure theory, functional analysis, exterior algebra, etc.

But, as the problems you tackle become more sophisticated, there comes a point at which the effort needed to learn calculus is much less than the difficulty of. Too Much Calculus Gilbert Strang, MIT [email protected] Calculus I, Calculus II, Calculus III—what an imbalance in our teaching!

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Too much calculus
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